Contact Us

The best way to reach us is via Text Message. You can text us at (970)882-3299 and we will try to answer you within just a few hours.

Our office voice mail is usually full every morning at 9 AM. Calling our office or emailing is not the best option. We are a family and do not have a team of customer service representatives to forward possible questions. We spend most of the day with our dogs and the puppies and are not able to stay near the phone to answer calls or sit in the office to answer emails.

Other ways to get n touch with us:

We have a Facebook Group called “Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers
The group is for all our Puppy Parents and their families. You can meet with littermate families or ask questions and get advice about anything Biewer related.
Food, Grooming, Fashion, Puppy Strollers, Cameras, Treats, Veterinarians, Spay & Neuter, Toys, Beds, Recipes, Traveling, and more. You are welcome to visit the group and learn more about us and our puppies.
Once you put down a deposit for your future puppy, you can join the group and stay updated about your pup’s progress, videos, vet visits, weight updates, etc.

We also have a Facebook Page but since “animal sales” are now banned on Facebook, we are not updating the page very frequently.