Bees in Winter

What do the Honey Bees do during Winter?

Most people think that they hibernate. In reality, they are very much awake inside their hives! In the winter, honeybees cluster together in a ball the size of a basketball. By flexing their wing muscles they are able to generate warmth and hold the cluster at up to 93 degrees. […]

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Grass Fed Angus

What does Grass Fed or Grass Finished mean?

“Grass-Fed” is a term used frequently in the marketing of meat, but what does it mean exactly? In short, not much. All cattle are grass-fed for the first part of their lives. Cows are ruminants (as are sheep and goats), which is to say that they have a four-chambered stomach […]

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Beef Cuts

A Beginner’s Guide to Ordering Beef in Bulk

Thinking about buying a side of beef but don’t know where to start? The guide below explains what you’re getting yourself into when you order a whole, half, quarter, or eighth beef package. For an explanation of live weight, hanging weight, and boxed weight, check out Know Your Weights. Whole […]

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Hanging Weight

Live Weight vs. Hanging Weight vs. Boxed Weight

Before making your first bulk order, it’s important to understand the different weight measures and how they affect the overall cost of your order. First-time buyers who don’t already understand the weight measures often find themselves surprised that the weight of the meat they bring home (boxed weight) is different […]

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