1 lb. Beeswax 100% Raw & Natural


1 x 1 lb. brick filtered 100% Pure and Natural Colorado Beeswax direct from the hives.

  • free from particles and debris,
  • amazing yummy smell of beeswax
  • classic yellow beeswax color
  • great for crafting candles, burns clean

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Uses of Beeswax
Dipped candles, Molded candles beeswax foundation (used by beekeepers in the beehive), Beard wax, Grafting wax Crayons, Carving objects, Lost-wax process, Batik-dyeing process, Etching glass, Ukrainian egg designing, Tack cloth, Wood filler, Polishes, Nail/screw lubricant, Brick floor sealer, Moisturizing cream, Soap making, Fruit coating, Dental procedures, Baking-sheet coating, Embalming procedures, Lipstick/cosmetics, Leather waterproofing, Thread and fishing line coating, Reconstruction surgery procedures, Sealing on jams and jellies, Coatings for war-weapons, shells and tools, Lubricants: zippers, windows, drawer slides

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