Honey Comb Chunk Honey 8 oz.


Chunk honey is raw honeycomb straight from the beehive, covered in raw liquid honey.

Weight: approx. 18 oz.
Size: 3″ x 3″

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Wildflower Honey is the golden nectar produced by bees feeding on the wild Colorado wildflowers and native plants that bloom during the summer months. It is light, sweet, and in its raw, natural state exactly the way the bees made it. Some people have called it liquid sunshine with a hint of nature at its finest! This year’s Hansen Honey is a golden amber color with a light, rich flavor perfect for baking, topping toast, or ice cream, or eating right from the jar! Honey color and flavor vary slightly from hive to hive and season to season depending on the rainfall and the wildflowers in bloom. This is not a single-source honey (ie goldenrod, clover, etc), it is simply Wildflower Honey made especially for you by Colorado honey bees. This pure, raw, unfiltered honey is perfect for home use and makes spectacular gifts for any occasion!

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