Kosher King Meat Birds


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Kosher King chickens are a type of free-range broiler or meat chicken.  These chickens are hybrid birds that are great alternatives to the Cornish Cross as meat birds.  The Kosher Kings have a more natural growth rate and are vigorous and healthy foragers. Kosher Kings are perfect for natural or organic farms.
Kosher Kings are optimal for meat production.  They are not good layers.   They take longer than Cornish Cross to reach marketable weight but grow faster than heritage breeds. The females reach a dressed weight of about 4-5 pounds in 12 weeks, and males reach about 6-7 pounds.
These birds originated from a mix of heritage breeds, including Barred Rocks and Sussex Chickens.  Since they have a mixed heritage, there can be a bit of variation in color.  Most – about 80% – will be barred, similar to a barred rock in color.  The other 20% will be red and silver.

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