Barred Rocks Laying Hens


  • 6 months old
  • light brown eggs
  • 3-5 brown eggs weekly
  • laying now


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The Barred variation of the Plymouth Rock Chicken is a long-standing favorite breed in the United States due to their reliable laying capabilities, docile nature and dual-purpose conformation. They have graced America’s farmlands since the 1800’s with roots stemming in Massachusetts. Heritage Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens lay around 3-5 brown eggs each week and are excellent in free-range situations. They sport a single comb, yellow legs, and black and white barred feathers. They are well adapted to any climate and situation, good foragers, reproduce naturally and have a long lifespan.
Average mature weight: roosters 9 1/2 lbs.; hens 7 1/2 lbs.

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